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Controllable and automated shutters and blinds give you the optimal amount of light in your home. Let the shutters slowly open in the morning to let the sun gently wake you.


Adjust your rooms individually or your home as a whole, to acheive the temperature that is most comfortable for you and your family.


Your home's lighting can have recognisable effects on mood, focus and energy. Use coloured lighting to create ambience or choose lighting levels suited to your activity. Automate settings and leave the system to adjust to the time of day.


Provide your family members and trusted personal with granted access, and keep out those trying to access unlawfully. Combine this with your lighting and music to have them automatically switch on when somebody arrives home first.


Control your music and other media with ease, around the house at will. Set it to switch off when you leave the room, have it follow you around - it's your entertainment and your choice.


Air should always flow around your house in a way that promotes quality of living. Bring fresh air into the house, and create ventilation when needed.


Install sensors around the house in key areas such as windows and doorways and add an alarm system. In the event of a security breach automatically turn on all lights revealing intruders, open all blinds to make the house as transparent as possible, whilst alerting you and the emergency services.

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